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As a youngster Tony Jehu moved into the area when the family relocated to join the new Transport & Road Research Laboratory on its transfer to Crowthorne, where his father was a research physicist. Initially attending Edgbarrow School and then Bracknell College to complete further education, he left for a career in local industry.  At the age of 23 he was involved in personnel management and industrial training, but office life did not suit him and so he left the UK to seek his fortune in Africa.

Three years travelling overland across the West African deserts followed by the jungles of Central Africa led him to the East African highlands and then south through the African bush to Rhodesia and South Africa.

An interest in gems developed as those countries were rich in precious mineral deposits and he learned the art and skills of a lapidary, polishing precious gems for export.  His interest in the origin of gems led him into prospecting and eventually mining for emeralds in Central Africa, this part of Africa being noted for particularly fine quality gems.

During turbulent times, as the winds of change blew over the continent, and despite local conflicts and regional wars he was able to prosper from the economic opportunities afforded by the turbulence and uncertainties created by political change.

His fortune assured, and with Central Africa becoming more unstable and dangerous he returned to the UK to pursue a career in Jewellery.  Tony Jehu, now living in Virginia Water, decided to return to college in London to the Sir John Cass College for five years, at that time one of the foremost training colleges to learn the practical skills of the professional goldsmith and manufacturing jeweller.

Having always maintained a close relationship with Southern Africa, he decided to develop further his knowledge of the diamond industry by being accepted to train at the Sir Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Training School in Johannesburg.  The Oppenheimers were the founding family of De Beer Diamonds.  Further courses at the Diamond Education Centre in Johannesburg and the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp cemented his knowledge of the Diamond Trade and led to his being granted by the South African Government a Rough Diamond Dealers Licence, allowing and authorising him to purchase rough, uncut diamonds direct from the prospectors in the bush in and around the Northern Transvaal area of South Africa.

Returning again to the UK, he moved his business to Ascot, where the freehold premises of Ascot Goldsmiths were purchased, from which the business operates today.  Currently a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths, the British Jewellers Association and the London Diamond Bourse and Club, he is also a member of the International Federation of Diamond Bourses and the Antwerp Diamantkring and as such, he enjoys international recognition as a Registered Antwerp Diamond Trader.

As Tony admits, he is now living quietly after 30 eventful years in the Industry, but he is now busier than ever, still enjoying offering a personal service to those interested in diamonds and precious stones both rough and polished, as well as offering an international consultancy and investment service.





Ascot Goldsmiths – 01344 844 444

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